THINGS YOU WEREN'T EXPECTING   Saturday 4 February 2017

Mattis reaffirms U.S. alliance with Japan 'for years to come'

Iran vows 'roaring missiles' if threatened, defies new sanctions

U.S.-backed Syrian force in new phase of Raqqa assault

German magazine sparks furor with image of Trump beheading Statue of Liberty

Le Pen kicks off campaign, promises French 'freedom'

Australian foreign minister says U.S. refugee swap proceeding

Mattis says no need for dramatic U.S. military moves in South China Sea

Philippine Catholic Church to slam 'reign of terror' behind war on drugs

Turkey says kills 51 Islamic State militants in northern Syria

China official says U.S. should stop using Dalai Lama to stir trouble: state media

Exclusive: Boeing's space taxis to use more than 600 3D-printed parts

SpaceX says fix underway for rocket turbine wheel cracking

Paralyzed patients communicate thoughts via brain-computer interface

Your oldest ancestor was really weird and had a big mouth

NASA unveils spaceship hatch 50 years after fatal Apollo 1 fire

Nuclear 'Doomsday Clock' ticks closest to midnight in 64 years

U.S. scientists create metallic hydrogen, a possible superconductor, ending quest

Defying Trump, Twitter feeds for U.S. government scientists go rogue

British astronaut Peake to make second space flight

Britain plan to leave Euratom could delay new nuclear build

New Brussels museum displays costumes of Manneken Pis statue

Fit for an emperor - a virtual reality tour of Nero's golden palace

Cuban artists paint garments, not canvases for 'Fashion Art' show

Japan artist says latest sticker graffiti aimed at Trump

Spanish police arrest three linked to 25-million-euro art heist

Abdication letter and papers give insight into Britain's 'mad' King George

Arts bring healing after tragedy in 'Midsummer in Newtown'

South African artist shapes salt into famous faces

Orwell's '1984' back as bestseller amid focus on 'alternative facts'

Broadway hit 'Hamilton' is sued over services for blind theatergoers

Food ➧ Matthew Walker
Almost all Britain and Ireland's bought Christmas Puddings are made in one single bakery...

People ➧ How each generation gets the drugs it deserves
(Aeon Essays)

Images ➧ Achille Formis
Achille Befani (or 'Formis') (1832-1906) was an Italian painter. This work 'The Koçu Cart' is from 1870 and is in the Pera Museum, Istanbul

Making Things ➧ Making Chains
Chain being manufactured.

Original Reads ➧ Stranger in the Village
From all available evidence no black man had ever set foot in this tiny Swiss village before I came. I was told before arriving that I would probably be a “sight” ...

Music ➧ Chet Atkins
Chester "Chet" Atkins - the USA guitarist whose fusion of classical and Nashville styles earned him the nickname 'Mr Guitar'. Here with Chopin's Waltz No 10

Yesterdays ➧ 1985
A woman hitting a neo-Nazi with her handbag, 1985

30-Minute Reads ➧ The Bhagavad-Gita
From India's Epic Mahabharat, it is told how Holy Lord Krishna became a charioteer for Prince Arjuna. The 'Yogas' (understandings) of the Bhagavad Gita, are a central text of Hinduism, and deeply influenced the creation of the Sikh and Buddhist traditions.

Discover ➧ Drink!
(An Aeon essay) How we evolved from drunken monkeys to boozy humans

This World ➧ The art of travel
Winning entries from the Siena Festival of International travel photography

Yesterdays ➧ 1961
Queen Elizabeth II addresses a vast gathering of more than a quarter of a million in India, 1961

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