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I've been a policeman in Salford and done nursing in Bolton. I've slammed the door behind a man for life and I've wiped the arse of people while they're dying. I've done engineering in Preston and worked in science in Cheltenham. I've never much liked the idea of settling down to just one thing. So I do ...

● research in food history for TV, radio and news at Foods of England
● edit the internet's favourite philosophy books at Squashed Philosophers
● make hundreds of the world's great writers accessible for everyone at The Hundred Books
● sculpted the Alan Turing Memorial More...
● design products for you to buy, and keep Patenting Them
● invented the first smokeless multifuel stove
● and keep on designing them for companies like Morso, Portway, Penman, Esse
● have even made one which produces no smoke at all
● occasionally like to translate Late Middle English Texts
● I'm rather fascinated by colour theories
● and I'm working on reviving the famous Nissen Buildings Company
● and I occasionally turn up on telly. There's me in the Namib Desert doing a programme about rocket science for the OU.
● or in odd places, like Novgorod or Nepal
● I'm working on an experimental human-free News Magazine, which is really interesting
● and, of course, there's Twitter and a Blog


Hughes Design Ltd, Denver House, Main St, Winster, Derbyshire DE4 2DH, England

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